BIODIVERSITY MONITORING provides the most holistic approach for monitoring the conservation status of biodiversity in protected areas, nature reserves and natural or sustainably used semi-natural ecosystems.  

BIODIVERSITY MONITORING DATABASE offers free for downloading: 

  1. The world's most comprehensive biodiversity monitoring database for storing , ecological and management data for protected areas and ecosystems, applicable in any climate zone of the world and suitable for both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems;

  2. A manual for biodiversity monitoring techniques and procedures, considerations for different need-based applications and approaches  for monitoring indicator species, threatened species and other species of special concern;

  3. A manual with the biodiversity monitoring database;

  4. Efficiently designed sets of field forms for both A4 and Letter Size formats both in pdf and adjustable .doc formats for ecosystems monitoring, biodiversity monitoring, natural resources management monitoring, monitoring of protected areas and nature reserves, water monitoring, soil monitoring, and financial monitoring